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Supplies & Accessories


Custom made trolleys with built in shelving for your supplies! The trolley is also able to collapse in order to be stored away if needed, and is very practically for spa or travel use.

Prices start at $350


Medical grade, high quality aluminum oxide crystals. We offer 20lb or 5lb bottles in the following grits:

  • 150 (fine)
  • 120 (medium)
  • 100 (medium/coarse)
  • 80 (coarse)

5lb Bottle: $35 or 4 for $130
20lb Gallon: $120

Diamond Tips


The diamond tip is ideal for use with heavy scar tissue and/or callused skin areas. The tips create a more abrasive resurfacing procedure. The diamond tip is easily attached and removed. We offer the diamond tips in Fine, Medium, and Coarse grits.

$200 each

The new NARROW diamond tip is here! Available in fine/medium grit. Designed and made in USA with surgical stainless steel and REAL diamond, the unique shape allows the technician to comfortably perform microdermabrasion treatments in hard to reach areas. The tip will never rust and, most importantly, is made with natural diamond.

$150 each

Delerin Turbo Tips


The turbo tip is a uniquely designed tip which creates a vast amount of vacuum pressure when used with the Image Derm systems. In use with all units it creates a turbo charged microdermabrasion treatment ideal for the body and mature facial skin types.

$15 each


Image Derm has developed a disposable tip that is custom fit over the original tip. The disposable tips come in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. The size controls the opening of the tip. The disposable tip can be used throughout the client’s treatment program and then discarded after the client has completed their series of treatments.

15pcs per pack, $15 per pack